Infinite Intelligence Underpins All Reality

For centuries in much of the world the Church ruled the roost as to what constituted the truth about Mankind’s reality, both the origins and the future of the race. The Church in its many forms has been ruthless and violent in its defence of some very odd ideas. Those who turned to more scientific ideas were shunned and in many cases killed in horribly cruel ways.

Science eventually broke free and the Church lost its main grip on society though still retaining a strong influence. As is nearly always the case, however, when one line of thinking replaces another the new people become as intolerant as the ones they replace. How many revolutions started out with great intentions and then settled down to the same kind of unjust repression of the masses who had hoped for better things?

Thus we have men of science nowadays who go to the extremes of accusing those who teach creationism as being guilty of child abuse. Any idea of a greater level of being such as a god is portrayed as “stupid”. Intelligence in the natural world is mere “instinct”. Your scientist “knows”. End of story.

Yet anyone who takes a look at modern science will readily see that, brilliant though the discoveries are over the last hundred years or so, the state of real knowledge is still very confused and primitive. Your scientist knows a tiny fraction of what there is to know, and is in no position to strut about telling people they are stupid.

Ideas about God have evolved over aeons of time according to the needs of the psyche. Even when those ideas have been proved to be faulty it is still not a simple matter of stupidity. Is a child stupid to believe in Santa Claus? Evolution is slow painstaking work. Consciousness that in other settings is Infinite Intelligence is always trying something new. The human race is relatively new, although in other terms it is very ancient. It is experimental; it develops by trial and error; it is a unique kind of consciousness. Other vast intelligences exist which have taken different roads. We specialize in a more emotional approach to life than they do. Yet at the heart of all of it there is the Source, and we are holographic parts of that Source; we have it all in essence. We are multidimensional.

Everything that is physical is underpinned by another dimension. The physical world and the physical universe is projected out from another reality. That is why we instinctively know that some kind of “god” exists. We have shaped that vision of god in thousands of ways over millennias of earth time and although those visions have been flawed they have been from dim remembrances of other worlds.

Today it should be obvious that a God of Love cannot at the same time be a God who is violent and angry and difficult to please. A furious holy God who wants his followers to kill all infidels is a contradiction of Love and a vicious nonsense. The ideas of the main religions are exposed as ridiculous to the average thinking person. Yet this is the time to consider carefully that the notion of an accidental existence that is fleeting and pointless is also nonsense of the dumbest kind.

We are not sinners who need a Saviour. Nor are we stupid. We are gods engaged in a great experiment of creativity. It even says in the bible, “Have I not said, Ye are Gods… ” Modern science is finding smaller and smaller particles within the atom, and more will be found. These particles and waves behave in mysterious ways. It is feasible that a universe could exist in a grain of sand. It is also feasible that a universe could exist in the space between two grains of sand, and therein lies a deep understanding beyond earth science.

The variations of life in our natural world alone are infinite, as we are discovering; how much more varied then is life in the cosmos? How about infinite variations of Consciousness? Great gestalts of intelligent beings that to us would seem like gods and from whom we came? There is a way to know; go within; align your intellect with your inner consciousness.

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