Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with features which

are similar to the iPhone 4S. However, this handset differs from iPhone by the better camera and screen quality. It has a powerful 1 GHz processor from Samsung which makes it ideal for surfing the internet and running several applications at the same time. It also comes with a large 5 MP camera which is sufficient for taking high quality pictures. Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with 16GB memory card which can store the entire digital camera gallery. galaxy a12

Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a unibody construction with a glass body. The outer surface of this handset is made from Corning Glass and this material provides durability even when the pressure is applied to the device. The silicone skin which covers the entire device has a smooth texture and it is soft too. The rear surface of the handset has a smooth gradient design which separates into two sections. One is the SIM tray and the other is the dock connector. The power button, volume rocker and the camera and speaker buttons are placed in the top right hand corner of the device.

Samsung Galaxy A12 offers an easy payment plan along with free gift items. It is priced very reasonably and is one of the best sellers in the UK. There are several positive comments about this handset from users and most of them are pleased with the performance of this handset. This handset runs on a single charge for several hours and so does not require any frequent recharging. It also offers a long-lasting battery which enables the users to enjoy their multimedia experience for a long time.

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